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Anthropocene - the accident in Paradise

What has always interested me during the last thirty years is why i was and i am still told that the way we, the westerners, the whites, the Christians, are thinking is the only way, the only way all people, all countries on earth have to think too.

Well, by now the individuals of the western world got themselves normed to think that way, namely not to think but just obey the law. most people think that they think and few make them think so.

In our time we obey at to such a degree that we dont think of what poisoned food we eat and feed our kids. we obey not to think why the wealthy hardly pay taxes and we obey not to think that we are misused as slaves.

Obviously someone want all people on earth to obey and to do as demanded with no thinking. "don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking" said by Steve Jobs.

Teachers, inventors, technicians, mathematicians, chemists, biologists, scientists and most people only pretend to think. they repeat, they copy what those who think for them, this is what is done by most.

Why? because thinking is differentiating and in order to do that the brain needs a SCALE. as classically stated, the mind plays part in thinking - an insult to the main drive for the survival instinct - considering the fact of European creative manifestation for the last 500 years well documented and celebrated, .

Without a SCALE no thinking process is possible. the SCALE is essential to reach a conclusion and therefor any outcome of an idea and thought depends of the scale in use. would the mind play a role in thinking, never would the western idiotology destroy the future (bio system) of its offspring.

The mind is a dynamic entity who lets the results of the thinking constantly adapting to any situation - always in the sense to keep in balance with all creatures. the actual situation on this planet is proof enough to realize that the history we glorify is a serious danger and a shaming.

Kirkegaard rightly stated that people are more lazy than frightened. this is only possible as the SCALE used to think has no relation to the reality, to life, as otherwise how do man's thought manifest in artifacts endangering their offspring and them self in future.

The SCALE in use by the west is an significant example. a genius or an nobel price winner is glorified by the academics, the science. dr. chem. Mueller got the nobel price 1939 for his thinking who created DDT. Einstein glorified as a genius for his thinking how to create deadly energy.

The difference of the SCALE used in science is evident in the conflict between Einstein und Niels Bohr. Bohr explains the quantum theory, the holistic dynamic flow and Einstein, till his end, stuck in a rigid, static norm - our society's standard.

The precept is a social an established standard of behaviour shared by people of a social group to which each member is expected to conform and not to think. this general rule intended to regulate behaviour or thought of the worlds population cant be part of the biological evolution for to obvious reasons when compared with Life, the Nature.

Through my intense experience with Natures beauty and fairness, it is my duty to defend Nature. my main interest is to make people aware of the "accident in Paradise" that occurred only recently (~15'000 years).